If you wait until January to begin planning on how you’re going to make your 2017 sales goals, it will be too late. It can take weeks and months to make things happen. When you miss your first-quarter targets you miss the entire year. Sound familiar?

There are two ways that you can increase sales. You can take it from competition and you can create organic growth.

Taking business from competition is good but you can lose it as quickly as you win it. One downside is that getting competitive business is generally not as profitable as you would like.

Creating growth with an existing client is more challenging and takes more time. When it is done with agreement that you will receive the resulting business it is more likely to generate profits that make the effort worthwhile.

Proposition Selling provides clear direction on how to approach accounts that have both potential and probability for gaining business.

Even when starting with a brand new account, following the Proposition Selling process will increase the likelihood is that you can earn a significant business commitment in as little as 1 month.

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Good Selling.

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